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Medical Services

Provided by the Team of senior Doctors with experience of over 15-20 years in handling all medical issues onsite and offsite, Emergencies and non medical issues.
Annual health risk assessments and Health Check up
Implement Infectious disease control measures.
Good rapport with most Hospitals assisting Medical Care of Employees.
Priority Appointments with Treating Physicians.
Assisting in coordinating with treating Physicians.
Discussion With Treating Physicians.
Medical Case management and classification.
Sick leave assessment and Follow up of employees.
Dietary Services.
Counsellor services.
We do not believe that therapy is the right approach, but analyse the root cause of the issue. Most of the physiotherapist believe in therapy as treatment for Ergonomic issues, without analyzing the root cause of the issue.
Most Physiotherapists believe that they can analyse Ergonomic issues, as most are trained to provide Therapy under a Physician's Guidance.

As per OSHAS Guidelines once therapy is provided it is classified as a serious issue.

• Onsite medical programs: Our experienced and expert services help to create awareness, offers early intervention for primary health issues on campuses and in offices
• Onsite Physician visit: Primary health consultation for employees
• Onsite nursing services: first aid and emergency care.
• Vaccination programs: A preventive vaccination program for both planning and implementation.
• Coordination of health checks: Annual and Pre-employment health checks and proactive follow up and counseling as required
• Health awareness seminars: on various topics such as de-addiction, healthy heart awareness, diabetes
• Travel related medical consultation: Advise on traveler’s medication, vaccination, medical kits.